I’m learning how to knit!


Two of my great friends came over last night to teach me how to knit.  I’m pretty sure that they have both been knitting for a couple of years and I was dying to learn!  It was so much fun!  We definitely gossiped talked way more than we knitted but I still learned the basics.  They were great teachers!   Not surprising of one, because she IS a kindergarten teacher! 🙂

The primary focus of this blog will continue to be cooking and baking, but I do intend to share my other homemaking endeavors periodically.  They will *hopefully* include:  gardening, canning and pickling, cleaning tips/schedules, various product (tools, gadgets, cookware, etc.) reviews, and of course, knitting! 

One topic I’m not sure of including is related to my day job – interior design. Although it may be fun to share design tips and tricks with you, I am leaning towards keeping that segment of my life separate to avoid totally burning out!  😛  But, on the other hand, as a typical newlywed homeowner, we do plan on doing some of our own home renovations down the road and I may want to document them here.  I may also want to share design tidbits that I find particularly useful along the way.  So, we’ll see which way the wind blows me day-to-day.

What would you like to see featured here?

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