Grocery Savings!

My total bill was $46.50!

Ok, wow!  That is not normal for our household!  I’m in shock!  Last week I spent just over $50.  Before that, I was easily spending over $60, most weeks close to $80!  

Tonight, I stocked up on many pantry staples including numerous canned beans, crackers, bread, milk, cheese, carrots, celery, potatoes, other canned goods, etc…  I even grabbed a few impulse items that weren’t on my list!  I’m so excited to have a restocked pantry and have what I need for several upcoming meals that I have been thinking about.  

Now, you may be thinking that this is still a lot to spend at the grocery store, but keep a few things in mind:  The hubs and I love food.  I cook/prepare everything that we eat.  Usually from scratch or nearly from scratch.  We almost never eat out – maybe once or twice a month.  Not even take-out pizza.  We pack our lunches for work everyday. 

I will be posting my weekly grocery bills on here in the future to encourage myself to keep the total under $60.  I know I can do it!  I resolve to be more frugal in 2009!  Can you shave down your grocery bill?  Imagine squirreling away $20 a week!!  Now that’s incentive! 

*Tip*  I know its easy to get lazy and mindlessly throw the items into the cabinets/pantry after shopping.  But remember the following when restocking your pantry:

Keep similar items next to each other.  All tomato products should be on the same shelf, soup, dried pasta, beans, etc.  This makes it easier to grab what you need in the middle of a recipe and easier to see what you are low on when writing your grocery list.

When bringing in new purchases, shift the older items to the front of the shelves and place new items in back.  That way you use the items with the nearest expiration dates first.  It only takes another second or two.

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