Baked Spaghetti Pie

I have 3 different versions of spaghetti pie and all of them are teriffic and slightly different.  This one is adapted from the March 2006 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.  I decided to double the recipe, baking one now and putting the other one in the freezer for later.  The following measurements will reflect that.


1 pound dry spaghett (I used whole wheat)

3 eggs

1 (15 oz) container of ricotta

1-1/2 cups grated Parmesan cheese

1 (26 oz) jar marinara sauce

1 pound ground beef

1 onion, chopped – optional

2-3 cloves of garlic, minced – optional

1/2 of a green bell pepper, chopped – optional

pinch of red pepper flakes

1 carrots, finely chopped – optional

1/2 package turkey pepperoni, chopped – optional

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese



Boil water for pasta and cook.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray 2 pie plates with non stick cooking spray.

Brown ground beef with onion, garlic, carrot, bell pepper and red pepper flakes.  Drain fat and return to heat.  Add marinara sauce and simmer. (The onion, pepper, carrot, etc is totally optional.  I just like to add veggies to our meals whenever possible.)

In a large bowl, combine eggs, parm, and ricotta.  Mix well.

When pasta is cooked, drain and add to ricotta mixture.  Stir completely to coat.  Divided pasta mixture evenly between 2 pie plates and press down slightly.  Place a layer of pepperoni over spaghetti.  Top with meat sauce.  Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.

Bake 25 minutes.  Let stand 5-10 minutes before serving.


layer of pepperoni
layer of pepperoni



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chef Peter
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 15:25:23

    This looks very delicious!

    I’ve never tried this dish with pepperoni… good idea!

    – Peter


  2. Melissa
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 18:48:08

    We just ate the one I froze and it was sooo good! I have been eating the leftovers and I swear it gets better everyday. =)


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