Yay Garden!


We had a rocky start with our garden this year and had to replant several things including:  corn, beans, and peppers.  Today we decided that our peas are a loss too, and we’ll replant them soon.  The culprits were weeds and a couple of cute bunnies eating everything off when they sprouted.  To keep the bunnies out, we put up a fence after replanting.  We had a really hard time keeping up with weeding and they just overtook some areas and smothered the plants.

I may have mentioned it before, but we try to start everything in the garden with seeds instead of plants.  (I think it is much cheaper)  Well, with the fiasco of loosing several plants, we did transplant actual pepper plants the second time and the tomatoes were transplants as well.

One new thing we are trying is growing strawberries.  We planted the seeds this year, hopefully we’ll have some beautiful berries next year!

But this is some of what we have today:


Onions, red and white.


Two Tomato Plants


3 or 4 Broccoli plants, which surprisingly the rabbits didn’t eat.  Last year they nibbled on them the most but not enough to lose them.


Four green bell pepper plants.


Five jalapeno plants (ready to harvest!)


Parsley in a container. (Correction – this is Cilantro!)


Basil in a container.


Our patio (and perimeter of our house) is lined with dozens of lilies!


We have orange, red and huge yellow (top of post) lilies in different areas.  Thank you previous home owner!

Some things in the garden that are not pictured are:  sweet corn, green beans, carrots, lettuce and the sad peas.  Honestly the weeds are too bad and embarrassing to post pictures!

And it is definitely due to Tim’s hard work that we have what we do in the garden.  I have used the term “we” very loosely in this post. ha ha.  He puts in way more effort than I do.  Thanks hubs!


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