Product Recommendation

21F30ZH0V2L._SL500_AA280_I *heart* my immersion blender!  Oh how I love it!  I use it for so many things:  soup, applesauce, small batches of salsa, marinara sauce, etc…

You may have noticed how often I mention it in recipe directions, so I thought I would go ahead and offically recommend this nifty small appliance.  And, mine isn’t even an expensive one ~ it is made by Rival.  Probably purchased for less than $20, although I don’t really know because my Mom gave it to me.  She said she never used it and handed it over.

Anyway it has 2 speeds and makes cooking things that need to be pureed so much easier!  I’ll never have to pour a steaming hot batch of anything into my food processor again!

Seriously, they are a great tool!

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