Christmas Candy & Cookie Plan

I love to make {and eat!} Christmas cookies.  Unfortunately, with my stupid work schedule, I don’t have as much time to bake as I would like.  This list might be a little too ambitious, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to knock out almost everything in one long day {like I did last year}.

Of course I love to share cookie trays with family, friends and neighbors, so don’t think I make all of these for just the two of us!  Even though I hate my workplace, I’ll also take at least one tray to hell, I mean work.  Tim will probably also take a tray to his work.  Some things in particular {marked with *’s} will be for gifts.

I hope that my list inspires you to make some Christmas cookies of your own.  If an item interests you or you have questions, and I haven’t already linked up the recipe, go ahead and leave me comment and I’ll send you the recipe.

-Here’s what I want to make:

Oreo truffles

salted chocolate truffles

cookie dough truffles


biscotti {at least 2 kinds}

sugar cookies – cut-out with cute cookie cutters and decorated with royal icing

cranberry white chocolate cookies

thumb prints

molasses cookies {definitely a favorite!}

Russian tea cookies {We like to call them powdered sugar balls}


saltine toffee aka CRACK

pretzel bark

*peanut brittle

*homemade marshmallows

pecan tassies

-Non cookie or candy stuff:

*spiced nuts

dill cracker mix

-Stuff I would love to make if I have extra time, but will definitely get cut if I don’t {in no particular order of importance}:

chocolate crinkle cookies

some kind of shortbread or butter cookie

homemade Oreos

Rugelach or Stella cookies

German Pfeffernusse

different flavored fudge – like peanut butter or marshmallow

Pinwheels with raspberry jam filling or other fruity cookie or bar

3D cookies

icebox or roll and slice cookies – maybe cinnamon bun?

meringue kisses

homemade turtles or peanut clusters

homemade peppermint patties

homemade peanut butter cups

snickerdoodles – I would like to try a different recipe though.

chocolate covered peanut butter rice crispy treats

something eggnog flavored?

I’ll go ahead and stop there, but I think I could seriously go on and on.  If only I could quit my job and bake full-time…

What are you making?  Do tell.

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