Diaper Cake #2

I have decided to put this diaper cake in a post of its own.  It is for my sister’s shower that’s coming up.  I’ll post all about the entire shower after it takes place, but I wanted to devote a separate post to how to make this diaper cake.

As I said in my other Baby Shower post last year, I did not invent the concept of diaper cakes.  However, I have come up with these original designs on my own.  And below, I’m going to tell you the steps involved in making this diaper cake.

This particular cake consists of 16 white cloth diapers, 10 baby wash cloths, 3 receiving blankets, and a fleece blanket.  Other materials include:  4 diaper pins, ribbon, decorative glass cake pedestal, and a small teddy bear.

I started planning the design for this cake by determining the overall theme for the baby shower.  I gave the guest of honor {my sister} a few choices for gender neutral themes {they’re not finding out the sex until the baby is born} and she picked “sweet pea in a pod” as the theme.  From there, I pretty much only knew that I would be working with shades of green.

The next important step was to consider that she plans on cloth diapering their baby.  So, I knew I wouldn’t be working with 60+ disposable diapers like my previous diaper cake.  Since cloth diapers are washable and reusable, I figured that she would only need somewhere in the ballpark of 20 diapers {I’m just guessing here}.  So, I bought a package of 12 white cloth diapers.  And my mom also bought an identical package of cloth diapers for me to use.

Then, I needed to determine how to incorporate textures and other colors into the cake to make it interesting.  I knew I wanted to supplement the diapers with blankets, or towels, or other items to add color and bulk.  I also wanted the components of the cake to be useful to my sister.  We decided to go shopping together so she could pick out some blankets that she liked and that I would be able to incorporate into the design.  I was keeping an open mind as we shopped and had no real plan in mind for the finished product.  After all, it was only my second diaper cake ever and my first cloth diaper cake.  I felt the best thing to do was buy several items that would possibly work and then bring them home to try them.  I knew that any items I didn’t use in the cake could just be gift wrapped and given to my sister since she picked them out and knew they would be useful.  I ended up buying a package of 10 white and green baby wash cloths, 6 or 7 color coordinating receiving blankets, and the fleece blanket which I knew would be the focal point because it has a pea pod on it.

Once I brought everything home, I just started experimenting by rolling up diapers and blankets and trying to determine the quantities and sizes necessary to create tiers.  I knew the little wash cloths would be the top tier because they were the smallest items.  I ended up wrapping them in a solid off-white receiving blanket.  I also knew that the focal point pea pod fleece blanket wrapped around diapers would be the middle tier so it would be easy to see.  The bottom/largest tier is made up of about 10 rolled cloth diapers surrounding a receiving blanket with another receiving blanket on the outside.

Top Layer:

Middle Layer:

Bottom Layer:

The final step was to add the decorative ribbon to secure the top and bottom tiers.  I chose to layer a simple green ribbon over a wider textured woven ribbon.  Then I held them together with cloth diaper pins that are cute and functional.  The pea pod fleece blanket is held together by 2 diaper pins since ribbon would cover up the design.  Lastly, I added a small teddy bear as the topper because I think it looks like the bear in the pea pod.

That’s all!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful if you plan to make a diaper cake in the future.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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