Recap of Katie’s Baby Shower

The baby shower that I threw recently was a success and¬†such a fun time! ūüôā

Here’s a glimpse of my schedule leading up to the shower and a recap of the day as well some tips on preparation.¬† Thankfully I was able to take¬†the previous day off¬†from work, so with that full day off, a few evening before that, and the morning of the shower,¬† I was able to get a lot done.¬† My Mom also helped out a ton.¬† She came to my house beforehand and I could not have done half of what was accomplished without her!


  • Weeks in advance I made the diaper cake.¬† It looks a little lumpy and bumpy in the pictures, but in real life it was smooth!

  • The weekend prior and several nights before I cleaned my house.¬†¬† We also started stocking up on ice from our ice maker.
  • 3 nights before the shower I made the cream cheese mints.¬† I combined one softened block of cream cheese with 3 tablespoons butter, about 2 teaspoons of peppermint extract {or to taste} and approximately¬†7 cups or more of powdered sugar in my mixer.¬† Then rolled it into small balls, dredged them in white sugar and pressed into candy molds.¬† Then unmolded and refrigerated until needed.¬† {After the fact, I read that you are supposed to let the mints dry sitting on the counter for about 2 hours after you unmold them. Oops.}

  • Two nights before the shower I made the ice ring {just frozen pineapple juice in a mold} and the Oreo cupcake truffles.¬† Thanks to my friend Melissa’s recommendation, I put a spin on Bakerella’s “cake balls” and used oreo truffle filling.¬† I used one package of Oreos and one package of cream cheese, crushed and combined in the food processor.¬† I rolled them into balls and set them aside.¬† Next, I prepared the candy melts for the coating.¬† I used one package of chocolate for the majority of the bottom shells, and when that ran out, I used 1/2 package of white candy melts.¬† {Candy melts can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or other places where Wilton baking supplies are sold.¬† While you are buying the candy melts, grab the candy molds as well.}¬† I used 2 molds to make things go quicker.¬† So, fill the molds about 3/4 full with chocolate and drop in a truffle ball.¬† Let set until firm.¬† Make the top coating by melting together 1/2 a package of dark green candy melts and 1/2 package of white to achieve the medium green color I was going for.¬† Dip tops of truffles.¬† Immediately sprinkle with nonpareils of your choice.¬† {I like to shake on the sprinkles over an open coffee filter because it is easy to funnel the strays back into the jar.¬† Me = cheap}¬† Add a colored m&m to the top and set aside again until firm.¬† Store in the fridge.
  • The day before the shower is kind of a blur.¬† I know I made the following with mom’s help:
  • lemonade

I also set up tables and chairs, hung the baby clothesline decorations, washed serving dishes, and cleaned the kitchen and floors again.

  • The night before I made and decorated the cake and cupcakes.¬† I made an 8″ round¬†white layered cake, covered it with white butter cream, added basket weave to the sides {white buttercream¬†colored with enough Wilton Ivory color gel to reach desired color} and decorated the top with a green pea pod design.¬† Cupcakes were chocolate with white buttercream swirled on top.

  • The morning of the shower we made:¬† the layered taco dip, coffee and ice tea, and put the cocktail hot dogs with sauce in the crock pot.

Other food that my mom provided:

cheese spread and crackers

veggie tray

spinach dip and Hawaiian bread

fruit salad

All that was left to do at the beginning of the shower was heat up the pizza dip and plate all the food.¬† It was a hectic 15 minutes or so as finishing touches were being added and guests were arriving.¬† But, it all worked out¬† ūüôā

So, we ate lunch first.¬† After that we played 3 games {guess the baby food flavor, guess the size of Katie’s belly with pieces of yarn, and baby bingo.}¬† Then Katie opened the gifts.¬† And last, we served the cake and punch.

Lime Punch recipe:

1 carton lime sherbet

1 2-liter bottle ginger ale

1-2 cups pineapple juice or a pineapple juice ice ring.

Place the ice ring in the bottom of a punch bowl.  Scoop rounded spoonfuls of sherbet into the bowl, using all of the sherbet.  Then pour in the 2 liter of ginger ale.  Stir to combine.  Sherbet will melt into frothy slush.  You may need additional ginger ale and sherbet depending on the number of guests.

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