Garden Update September 2010

This will probably be my last garden update of the year.  I really slacked on posting about the garden this year for some reason, but we had a rather large yield.  I already posted about our cucumbers, peas, and lettuce in a post back in July.

Since then, I have made refrigerator pickles and have frozen the corn from about 2 dozen ears.   We ate about another dozen ears fresh.  What I did to freeze the corn was drop the ears in boiling water for about 6-8 minutes {in at least 2 batches}, drained them, let them cool a bit, then sliced the kernels off the cob and place into freezer safe containers.  Since I portioned the corn into servings for two people in each freezer container, there was room at the top of each each container.  So before adding the lids, I just pressed some plastic wrap onto the surface of the corn to hopefully minimize freezer burn.

We have also harvested tomatoes and fresh green beans, cantaloupe, various peppers, and more cucumbers!  Seriously, we were buried with cucumbers!  I even put a table piled high with cucumber and a “free” sign at the end of the driveway one day, hoping to get rid of some.  No dice.

Roma Tomatoes

Jalapeno Peppers

We still have carrots yet to be harvested as well as our second planting of peas – they’re ready, just haven’t been picked yet.

As far as canning:  In my pantry right now I have about 4 jars of pickles, 6 jars of green beans, and 5 jars of pickled jalapenos.  My mom and sister really talked me down from the ledge about canning so now I’m comfortable with it and I’m grateful to them for it!  They came over to my house and we canned the pickles together, then my mom canned the green beans for me, and I canned the jalapenos myself using this recipe.  Let’s hope nobody gets botulism!  Kidding ……….. kinda ……not really.

Canned Jalapenos

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