Thanksgiving 2010 Recap

Oops, I better get this recap out before Christmas!

I was very happy to be able to host Thanksgiving again this year.  We had a total of seven people including T and me, my parents, and grandparents.  Since our formal china is an heirloom from Tim’s family, he really enjoys hosting an occasion where it is suitable to use it.  And I just love using our other fancy serving items that were wedding gifts which we seldom use.

Again this year, our guest arrived around noon and we ate around 1:00.

Here’s what I posted last year and it was a nice reference for this year too.

This year’s menu:

various appetizers – cheese, crackers, sausage, brie en croute, grapes, etc

roasted turkey

mashed potatoes



apple salad

cranberry sauce

green bean casserole

rolls with honey butter

dessert – apple pie, pumpkin pie, custard pie, cinnamon ice cream, pumpkin ice cream, angel food cake and strawberries.

drinks – water, coffee, hot cider, wine, etc…  I had eggnog but totally forgot to serve it.  Curses!

Just for future reference, this is roughly how I managed my time and preparation in the days leading up to Thanksgiving this year:

Saturday & Sunday – grocery shop, de-clutter and clean the house/furniture, begin to locate & wash special serving dishes & utensils, roasting pan, etc.  Make brine and store in fridge.

Monday evening after work – make homemade cinnamon ice cream base, prepare pie dough and refrigerate it, make compound butters and refrigerate, and make cheese spread appetizer.

Tuesday evening – make cornbread, churn ice cream.

Wednesday all day (I was off work) – cube & dry bread for stuffing, make 3 pies, chop vegetables for stuffing and aromatics for the bird’s cavity, brine turkey, clean the house some more, and set up the table.

Thursday – in the morning drain the brine, rinse, fill the bird’s business end with aromatics, spread on herb butter, roast turkey; finish setting the table; make hot cider (big crock-pot); make mashed potatoes and keep warm in medium-sized crock pot; set out appetizers; set out butter so it’s soft when needed.

When turkey was done and resting covered in foil, bake the stuffing, heat up the green beans, and make gravy (thank you mom).  Then carve the bird (thank you grandma), warm up the rolls, fill drink glasses.  Etc…


Overall, it was a great day and the food was delicious!  Thank you family!  I wish I took more pictures!


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