Product Recommendation: Flour Sifter

I haven’t posted one of my product reviews in quite a while.  And this one isn’t anything that will blow you away, but I think it deserves mention.  As someone who makes a lot of cakes and frosting, I can say this is a must have.  I use it for flour and powdered sugar all the time.  It is a hand crank sifter:

In the past I had the kind that required you to squeeze the handle, and my hand would get sore {boohoo, I know}.  But the kind with the crank is so much easier and I love the old-fashioned look of them. 🙂  In the past, I also tried using my food processor to aerate the dry ingredients, but that thing is a pain to wash.   This sifter is the way to go.

For anyone interest, after looking for one for a long time, I found mine at Lori’s Kitchen Store in Washington.   I think it was around $12.

Product Recommendation

21F30ZH0V2L._SL500_AA280_I *heart* my immersion blender!  Oh how I love it!  I use it for so many things:  soup, applesauce, small batches of salsa, marinara sauce, etc…

You may have noticed how often I mention it in recipe directions, so I thought I would go ahead and offically recommend this nifty small appliance.  And, mine isn’t even an expensive one ~ it is made by Rival.  Probably purchased for less than $20, although I don’t really know because my Mom gave it to me.  She said she never used it and handed it over.

Anyway it has 2 speeds and makes cooking things that need to be pureed so much easier!  I’ll never have to pour a steaming hot batch of anything into my food processor again!

Seriously, they are a great tool!

Product Recommendation

If you live in the country with well water like us, or if you have hard water or any other water problems that leave your dishes cloudy for any reason  – I strongly suggest you use this product in your dishwasher.

It is called LemiShine and works like a charm.  I was introduced to this product by my hero – The Pioneer Woman.  You can buy it at Wal-Mart or other grocery stores.  And you use it along with your regular dishwasher detergent.  I only use it about once a month, but it is safe to use every washing cycle if you need to.  Just read and follow the directions on the bottle or website and you will have success. 

I believe the directions say to put the LemiShine in the main detergent compartment and put your regular dishwashing powder in the pre-wash compartment.  But, because I use dishwasher tablets (Cascade?), I have recently started using the LemiShine in the pre-wash compartment and the tablet in the main section and that works fine too.

Seriously – go buy it!  Your life will be changed forever!