Restaurant Review: Two25

Last week I received an awesome invitation to dine at Two25 with a few other local bloggers.  I am so happy I accepted!  The meal was fantastic and more importantly the prices were really reasonable.  I would recommend it to anyone in the area and I’ll definitely go back with the hubs as soon as we get a chance.  Be prepared for difficult parking though, their lot is pretty small and it was full at 6:00 when we arrived.  We ended up paying to park in a nearby deck.  But that is nothing out of the ordinary for downtown Peoria.   

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I forgot to take pictures of my plates.  I meant to, but I guess I was just too hungry.  My camera was right there in my purse too.  Bummer. 

On to the food:

I started off with a small pear salad which the menu says is mixed greens, sliced pear, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, blue cheese, and a strawberry vinaigrette.  Delicious!!  The sweet candied walnuts were my favorite part, but the whole ensemble was  a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

For my main course I had the chicken piccata which is chicken breasts over pasta with a lemon butter caper sauce.  It had a deliciously light and fresh flavor.  It came with two chicken breasts and a mound of pasta, so I feel as though it could be shared.  I brought one piece of chicken and some pasta home with me for lunch the next day.  It was really fantastic but I was expecting more breading on the chicken for some reason.  It tasted perfectly fine without much breading but I am used to seeing it with more.  Oh well, it probably was a little bit healthier that way. 🙂

Lastly for dessert, I had creme brulee.  It was amazing and even though I was full, it left me wanting more.  I seriously could have eaten at least 3 servings!  I was scraping the dish with my spoon to try to get every last bit.  I’ve been dreaming about it since too.  I’m putting a torch on my wish list so I can attempt it at home! 

Besides their diverse menu, they also offer a full bar and wonderful wine list making it an ideal spot to chill after work.  Overall, the atmosphere couldn’t have been more perfect.  It has an upscale vibe with dim lighting, but the exposed brick and paper tablecloths keep things fun and casual.  Really, parking is the only negative point I can come up with!

I’m looking forward to my next visit! 

Check out their website to read more about their event planning, wine flights, and view the complete menu.