Blueberry Scones

Oh my gosh!  These are so good!  I’ve made them 3 or 4 times over the past year and I am always surprised by how amazing they are!  My husband loves them too!  They are just such a scrumptious breakfast or snack!  This recipe comes from  It is kind of detailed but every step is worth the effort and you know it can be trusted coming from Cooks Illustrated.  My notes are in italics.








Blueberry Scones (yields 8 large scones)

16 tablespoons (2 sticks) of butter, frozen (only 8 tablespoons go into the dough, 2 Tbsp are melted and brushed on top before baking.  *See note in directions below)

1-1/2 cups fresh blueberries

1/2 cup whole milk (I use skim)

1/2 cup sour cream

2 cups all-purpose flour, plus additional for work surface

1/2 cup sugar, plus 1 tablespoon for sprinkling

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest (I use all of the zest from 1 lemon)


Position oven rack in the middle and heat to 425 degrees.

Grate 8 tablespoons of butter on large holes of box grater into bowl.  (*Their instructions are to remove half the wrapper from both sticks of butter, hold on to paper covered end and grate the exposed 1/2 of the sticks for a total of 8 Tbsp.  I manage to grate one entire stick, eliminating the need for the other stick).  Freeze the grated 8 Tbsp of butter until needed.  Melt 2 Tbsp of butter and set aside.

Place clean, and mostly dry blueberries in freezer.

Whisk together milk and sour cream in medium bowl; set in fridge until needed.

Whisk flour, 1/2 cup sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and zest in large bowl.  Add frozen grated butter to flour mixture and toss to thoroughly coat.

Add milk mixture to flour mixture and fold together until just combined.  Transfer to a well floured work surface.  Dust top of dough with flour and and knead dough 6-8 times with floured hands, until it just holds together in a ragged ball.  More flour may need to be added during this process to prevent sticking.

Roll the dough into a 12″ square, keeping it and the surface floured.  Then, fold it into thirds like a letter to create a 4″x12″ rectangle.  Then, fold into thirds again by lifting the short ends to form a 4″ square.  Transfer to a floured plate and freeze for 5 minutes.

Remove from freezer and transfer to floured work surface again and roll into another 12″ square.  Sprinkle evenly with the frozen blueberries pressing them down so they are slightly embedded in the dough.  Using a bench scraper to loosen dough from countertop, roll the dough into a tight log.  Lay it seam side down, press ends closed, and press to form a 12″x4″ rectangle.  Flour a sharp knife and cut into 4 equal rectangles.  Cut each rectangle diagonally to form 2 triangles.  Transfer the 8 scones to a large parchment lined baking sheet. They will puff up during baking so be sure to space them well.

Brush tops with melted butter and sprinkle with 1 Tbsp sugar.

Bake 18-25 minutes or until tops and bottoms are golden brown.  Transfer to wire rack to cool for 10 minutes.